Teddy learning Nose Touch with Brienne a

are you ready to play? 

customized dog training 

life with your dog should be enjoyable and training should be fun!

concept-based dog training
through games

dogs can be our greatest companions and bring so much joy to our lives. they can also, at times, be our greatest challenge!  whether you have a mischief-maker or a barker or a puller or a scaredy-"cat," we can help turn them into calm and confident canines. we are gamechangers!
A 15-Minute phone consult is required prior to beginning services with us. For more info, click here. 
Brienne and Teddy from Beyond the Sit Do
"Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain - unless it is done with Play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions." - Dr. karyn purvis

Dog training Rates

All dogs can benefit from concept training and learning through games.  Each session covers games, strategies, and bonus materials to help guide you in your dog-owning struggles.  Struggle no more! We've got you! 

6-week puppy PACK

packed full of value, this is a 6-week puppy "class" in your own home.  one 45-minute session each week plus bonus material covering potty training, barking, calmness, and more!
(ages 8 weeks - 5 months)


10-week life skills

10-week concept extravaganza! covers focus, boundaries, confidence, recall, and more! 
(ages 5 months and beyond)


individual consult & training plan

have a specific need that you are struggling with? Whether that be separation anxiety, resource guarding, leash skills, or something else, we can help with that.
(all ages)


S.T.A.S. Online

new to concept training?  try an easy, inexpensive way to learn what it's all about and also learn how to be "sexier than a squirrel" to your dog in the process! 30 days of games and info, all accessible in an easy to follow online course with absolute dogs.
(all ages)


Things you should know:

We use a force-free and fear-free positive method of training. No shocks, prongs, or choke chains are used.

Concept-training is a lifestyle, not a "quick fix."

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SERVICE AREAS: Romeoville, Lockport, Crest Hill,  Shorewood, Plainfield, & beyond!