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let your dog be a dog 

complete canine enrichment 

enrichment improves your dog's quality of life mentally, emotionally, and physically by allowing them to explore their natural tendencies of being a dog.

canine enrichment

our dogs have such little time with us - - make the most of it!  our canine enrichment sessions help them live their lives to the fullest.  we help them explore their world using their natural senses and tendencies through games, food puzzles, and scent work.  this helps prevent boredom and can also be a great tool when the weather is less than perfect.
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canine enrichment Rates

Canine enrichment involves visual, auditory, olfactory, cognitive, environmental, and physical activities.  How well are you meeting your dog's needs in these areas?  Stuck on ideas on how to improve your canine's well-being? Let us help!  We offer single and bundle meeting options tailored to your dog.  

canine enrichment -single session

 one 30-minute session to go over the canine enrichment plan for your doggo


canine Enrichment - 3 pack

 three 30-minute sessions to cover multiple enrichment


Things you should know:

We use a force-free and fear-free positive method of training. No shocks, prongs, or choke chains are used.

Canine enrichment is great for every day and there's no special equipment necessary!

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