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Beginning Training Session _ Crest Hill Library _ Beyond the Sit

helping dedicated dog owners build solid relationships with their canine companions 


You're exhausted trying to get your dog to behave and too embarrassed to have friends or family over or to walk your dog in public. 

But you know your dog has a good heart. You see it every day.

The fact of the matter is that dogs don't always behave the way we (or perhaps others) think they should. It can be hard when others are free with their opinions but you love your dog and know they are more than what others see. We believe all canines are world-class and you, their best friend, are the best one to help them reach their greatest potential and to be their greatest advocate but you don't have to do it alone! We are here to help you show off and bring about the best qualities in your dog -  - love, joy, kindness,  curiosity, forgiveness, and everything we wish we ourselves could be! 

What Clients Say

"Brienne has been working with me and my rescue dog and I couldn't be more pleased. He was fearful and nervous and suffered from separation anxiety. His lack of social skills and confidence caused him to show aggression towards other dogs and certain humans. I had tried a training program at considerable expense before I found Brienne and saw very little improvement. My dog needed more than sit, heel, etc. With Brienne's methods, patience and consistency I have seen big changes that were all achieved with positive reinforcement. He is less shy with people and I can now actually leave my apartment without worry that he will bark or be disruptive. What a relief! Brienne is extremely knowledgeable and devoted, tailoring her training plan to your dog's needs. She will not give up on you and your dog and goes above and beyond to reach the goals you set. "       - Patty with Jackson, Glen Ellyn, IL

Jackson the ShiPoodle on a Boundary | Glen Ellyn, IL | Dog Training
~ Patty with "Jackson"

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We are passionate about dogs and their people living together in harmony. We want everyone to enjoy life with their dogs in the best way possible, by building up the relationship through the joy and power of games.


FREE Training

introduction to concept training 

New to concept training? this quick guide will explain how it works! 

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